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As you can also see from my profile pic, I'm a female person, HansMyles is my nick ;)

Favourite videos (check on YouTube):
Sugar Addiction Explained By Dr Robert H Lustig" (~7min)

I'm using fatsecret from Australia and Germany. The db for veggies is heaps better in Australia, especially if you are not used to consume fast-food products!

Some more information about my weight history: I started loosing weight when I was overweight with 73kg. Before that I never had to pay attention to my weight as I could eat whatever I wanted. But as for most of the people the age-train caught up on me. I was always a gym person and addicted to my bicycle. In my early twenties I was mainly busy with weight training and some cardio. When I lived in Australia it stopped for a while and all the good food (I'm very much into Asian cuisine) suddenly stuck to my body. I can remember the day when I went to a party in Manly (SYD) and saw a scale in the bathroom... It was a real shock. I was quiet for some time (not something I would usually do at a party, haha) and noticed that another friend of mine behaved the same after she went to the ladies. We realised that we both had checked our weights^^ We decided the scale must be wrong and that we would have another check at the public scale underground of Wynyard station. The scale was right!

Since then I have to observe my weight and since then I own a scale too 😂

My next goal is to get my shape back. 61kg is the goal. I can see already some improvements but I'm still fighting with my belly fat and love handles. I also started to have wings on my arms, not something we women do like... Not sure how to get rid of them, if you have tips I appreciate your help!

Update 19/04: I have to stop loosing weight (now back to 63kg). Loosing weight and shaping my body has to wait for a little while..
Update 05/05: Unfortunately I have lost the twins in week 12+2. Back to my old goal with 61kg..

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